Fun Backed by Science!


Evidence suggests there are five key characteristics of those who are high achievers. These include vision, strategy, belief, persistence, and learning. We think Parkour is the perfect vehicle to develop these traits! It requires you to create strategy to find the safest and most efficient route. It fosters creativity and social skills, as people approach obstacles in their own way and learn from others approaches. Kids begin to believe in themselves, and their confidence grows as they learn, practice, and perform skills they thought were forever out of reach.

The early years of life are the best time to expose children to properly moving their bodies in fundamental movements like squatting, jumping, hopping, sprinting, and pushing and pulling themselves up— all of which can be improved with parkour training. This form of training also helps to strengthen bone and connective tissue and decrease the risk of injuries later in life.


Teaching youth how to properly use their cores will help their physical development, which will pay off later in life. For youth, the inclusion of exercises for the core muscles is important for the development of balance and coordination. While growing, your kids are learning to use their bodies and developing habits – good or bad. In addition, having a strong core will aid them in having proper posture and healthy spinal alignment for the rest of their lives.

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Parkour can help teach your child Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ)! For youth, SAQ training effectively provides exposure to physiological, neuromuscular, and biomechanical demands, resulting in the further development of physical ability and potentially decreasing the risk of injury. It allows youth to enhance their ability to accelerate, decelerate, and dynamically stabilize their entire body during higher velocity movements in all planes of motion.

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Getting your kids moving will decrease the likelihood of athletic injury, increase the likelihood of exercise participation later in life, and improve physical fitness. We all know getting kids active can be a struggle but at Infinite Movement we think the only problem you’re going to have is telling them they need wait to come back! What kid doesn’t want to climb, swing, jump, and otherwise act like a ninja!?