The pricing below applies to Parkidz 101, 201, 301, Homeschool PK, Sensory Ninjas, Flips & Tricks 101, and Parkour 101. Click here for detailed class descriptions. Remember, the more you commit, the cheaper each class becomes!


1 Class / Week

50% Off Open Gym

50% Off PKStrength

1 Open Gym Guest Pass


2 Classes / Week

Unlimited Open Gym

Unlimited PKStrength

2 Open Gym Guest Passes


Unlimited Classes

Unlimited Open Gym

Unlimited PKStrength

3 Open Gym Guest Passes

    Available Discounts:

    • 10% OFF any plan above with when you enroll in AutoPay.
    • 10% OFF your own monthly dues for each new monthly member you refer (maximum 30% off).

    • 10% OFF each subsequent family member signed up for a monthly membership (10% off 2nd, 20% off 3rd, 30% off 4th, etc.,)

    • 10% OFF for public service members, military, and their immediate family (must provide proof of service).

    NOTE: Discounts do not apply to special events, drop-in fees, or already discounted 6 month membership prices. Drop in to take advantage, as these discounts are only available in person.

    Trouble Committing??

    • $17 Drop-in class pass
    • $130 8-Class Punch Pass