Curious how well your skills are growing? Test them out in one of our skills tests. Every Student begins their parkour career by working towards their Level 1 White band, and with each new level, the skills grow harder and the challenges grow tougher. Each test will involve skills in each of four categories: Floor, Wall, Bars, and Vaults.


Floor Skills

Rock & Rolls to Feet

Shoulder Roll

Quadrupedal Gallop

Half-Squat Landing

5 Push-ups

1 Step Stride to Precision

3 Floor Speed Steps

Floor Kong

3 Precision Jumps ½ the Student’s Height

5 Strides ½ the Student’s Height

5 ‘Plyo’ Jumps ½ the Student’s Height

Low Rail Balance Walk

Rail Squat

Cat Balance Hold


Wall Skills

Tic-Tac off Wall & Land ½ Student's Height from Wall

Running Wall Splat ½ Student's Height in Distance

Wall Pop with Arm Swing to a Controlled 2 Foot Landing

Standing Cat Leap


Bar Skills

Upstart, 3 Swings, Regrab & Dismount

Over, Under, & Mixed Grip Hang for 15 Seconds Each

Jump to Bar ½ Student's Height From Block



Vault Skills

Safety/Step Vault

Kong Mount Jump Down

Seated Dash Away from Block

Climb up & over Block Only Using Hands & Feet

Climb up & Jump from Block Only Hands & Feet


Floor Skills

10 Burpees

Handstand – Touch Feet at the Top

Shoulder Roll over Both Sides

Dive Roll

Backward Shoulder Roll from Fall

Rail Lunge

Rail Run Variations

3 Consecutive Rail Squats

Rail Precision

Running Precision

Precision, Jump 180, & Precision Jump Back Student’s Height in Distance Apart

3 Plyo Jumps Student’s Height in Distance Apart

3 Strides Student’s Height in Distance Apart


Wall Skills

Tic-Tac to Precision on Hip Height Block Student’s Height in Distance Apart

Running Jump Off Panel Mat to Cat Student’s Height in Distance Apart

Full Wall Run to Hang - Wall higher than Students Outstretched Arms

Cat Traverse

Controlled Climb Down

Wall Step and Tap 2nd Foot Higher than Students Waist


Bar Skills

Reverse Underbar

Leg Up

Lache to Precision

Jump to Bar Student's Height from Block & Student's Waist in Height

Forward Releasing Lache Dismount

Safety Fall (from Bar)


Vault Skills

Theif & Lazy Vault

Speed Vault

Kong Vault

Dash Vault

Mount Turn

Climb Up

Running Crane