Birthday Party Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing Infinite Movement Academy as the location of your child’s birthday party! 

We look forward to serving you and making sure your child’s birthday is fun for everyone (including you)!

Parent Name *
Parent Name
Parent's Phone Number *
Parent's Phone Number
Child's Name *
Child's Name
Child's Birthday *
Child's Birthday
As our gift, we provide a shirt for the birthday child!
Your party includes up to 10 kids with each additional child being $10 (Traditional Party) or $15 (NERF Party). How many participants do you expect? Don't worry this is just an estimate so we can start planning. The final number based on the day's participants.
Decorations! *
We decorate with fun, happy decorations! However, you are welcome to bring your own decorations prior to the start of the party. Will you be bringing your own decorations?
Food! *
Your party includes paper plates, napkins, utensils, cups, and water! You are welcome to bring in outside food and cake/cupcakes for the big day or let us handle it. We are happy to deliver hot pizza to the party space for $10 per pizza. Do you intend to bring food to the party?
IMA's Responsibilities *
• We will provide a two-hour birthday party with a minimum of two coaches on hand. • We will provide a clean party area, tables with table clothes, chairs, plates, cups, napkins, utensils, and water. • We will decorate the party space with fun, colorful decorations. • As our gift we will provide a shirt to the Birthday Child. • We will provide NERF Hammershots, darts, and eye protection for all participants of a NERF Party only. • IMA will not schedule any other Parkour events during the birthday party time slot, the entire Parkour area will be reserved for the sole use of the party. • IMA reserves the right to have the participants refrain from any activity that they believe could be unsafe due to participant ability, behavior, or any other circumstance. • In the event of extremely unsafe behavior, IMA reserves the right to remove a participant from the party without refund • IMA will provide seating and viewing areas accessible to parents/guardians/spectators, including waiting areas that are handicap accessible.
Parent Responsibilities *
• Client is welcome to bring food/cake and decorations • Client will have a payment method (debit or credit card) on file at the time of booking the party. • Client will be charged a 50% Cancellation Fee if the party is canceled within 7 days of the party date. • Client will pay the entire balance of the party, including any additional charges on the day of the party. If the payment is not made at the party, Client gives permission for IMA to run the credit/debit card on file. • Client acknowledges that they are reserving a time slot, not a length of time. The party is a 2-hour time slot. The client may show up 15 minutes prior (or earlier with approval) to the start and is required to leave within 15 minutes after the party has ended. • Party pricing covers up to 10 participants, Client agrees to pay $10 for each additional participant of a Traditional Party and $15 for each additional participant of a NERF Party. • IMA reserves the right to add a fee of $25 to the bill for any party that stays past the 15-minute cleanup period. After every additional 15-minute period, the party will be charged an additional $25. • Client acknowledges that if they are late to the party, the party time will not be extended, nor will the price of the party be reduced. • Client acknowledges all participants must have a waiver on file signed by a parent or legal guardian. Waivers can be signed on our website ( or IMA can provide paper waivers if necessary. • Client acknowledges that spectators will not be allowed to participate in any activities without A) signing a waiver and B) being counted as one of the participants. • Client agrees to inform IMA of any prior injuries that would make training at IMA unsafe.