About Infinite Movement

IMA is a family owned and operated Parkour and Freerunning Academy. We believe that all obstacles, physical or not, can be overcome through dedication and practice. We pass on our philosophy through teaching students young and old, the art of movement, and we help them build the skills and confidence to move.


Meet Our Coaches

We LOVE Parkour and Freerunning and spurring new interest in a sport that has helped all of us discover new capabilities and overcome fears. We are constantly training our skills and knowledge of the sport, and we'd like to share it with the world!

All of our coaches have received a Level II Parkour/Freerunning certification from the  World Federation of Parkour and Freerunning (WFPF) and we are all CPR and AED certified.



Derek Fitchett is a Level II Parkour/Freerunning certified instructor through World Freerunning Parkour Federation. He is incredibly passionate about parkour and freerunning, and has experience teaching and tutoring children. He will use these experiences to instruct all afternoon and evening classes.


Wife to Derek and mom to three awesome kiddos, Danielle Fitchett is a NASM certified personal trainer with specializations in group personal training and youth exercise. She has also received a level 1 certification through Precision Nutrition, a hardstyle kettlebell certification, and a is a certified USPA powerlifting coach.

Danielle has also received a Level II Parkour/Freerunning Instructor certification through World Freerunning Parkour Federation



Steven Kleeger is Infinite Movement Academy’s youngest coach at only 19 years old and has also received the World Federation of Parkour and Freerunning Level II Parkour/Freerunning certification.  New to the world of Parkour and Freerunning, he has adopted a serious love and determination for the sport and his skills are only just beginning to grow.  Balancing school full time at Cerro Coso as well as a second part-time job, Steven always enjoys spending his time instructing classes and practicing his skills.  



For Allan, the love of Parkour started by chance with a YouTube video. He loves Parkour because he realized fear could stop him from experiencing the best in life and Parkour can help you overcome fears both physical and mental. His other loves include playing guitar and piano. Saddly, Coach Allan will be joining the Marines at the end of May! He is going to be so missed, but were very proud of him. 



Assistant Coach Zeke is a student at Burroughs High School. He has a passion for Parkour and trains almost everyday.. When he's not training or helping at the gym he is playing the drums or spending time at his church.